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We Help your Business Grow

Custom Software Devlopment

> Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
> Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
> Desktop application Development

We believe that, as a businessman, you know your needs best in terms of functionality. For this reason, our experts lend a listening ear and provide you custom software development services that actually work for you. At Core Objects, your needs matter to us and our experts will go great lengths to accommodate all your needs to deliver bespoke software solutions that eliminate almost all your manual tasks. We do not consider our job done after merely providing you the custom software development services; we go a step further and ensure that you are well-versed with its usage. This is perhaps the reason why we are considered among the top software developing companies in the Gujarat. Our experts will always be more than willing to help you with any further changes in the future too. We also aid you with software orientation for your employees.

Our Custom Software Development Outsourcing Benefits

  ~ Enhancement of performance through user-friendly customization
  ~ Uniform quality assurance
  ~ A clearer picture to monitor risks and take action
  ~ Virtually zero downtimes
  ~ Industry best quality analysis standards
  ~ Instant scalability and affordable rates

Our Custom Software Application Development Understands You

We understand that in today’s ever-changing business environment, your requirements are going to change with time. Our custom software application development design and architecture will be devised such that any changes in the future can be incorporated with zero hassles. Our solution affords you immense savings through reduced manpower requirements and increased efficiency. When you outsource software development to us, you actually hire experts who are highly experienced in domains such as .NET, C#, Java, J2EE and a variety of open source technologies. Moreover, our stringent ongoing training process ensures that our experts are in-tune with the latest technologies. Our custom software development services are highly adaptable as we make use of Agile/Scrum methodology and also traditional waterfall methodology if need be. In all, it is your complete satisfaction that matters to us at the end of the day.

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At Core Objects, we give new meaning to customer relationship management tools. We enable you to provide “value addition” to your products and services that are key to your business success. Through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development services, we allow you to know your clients better by having data pertaining to them readily available. This not only saves you money, but also frees your workforce as they save time that is otherwise wasted organizing data. Our well-customized CRM software development enables you to deliver products in time with high standards at the first go enabling you to have a satisfied customer base.

What Our Customer Relationship Management Tools Offer
    > Seamless data organization through customized dashboards
    > CRM made easy through contact management tools
    > Help with sales force channelization through lead tracking
    > Unhindered communication through RSS and E-mails for your CRM needs
    > Marketing campaign set up to target specific online traffic

Why Core Objects is a Top CRM Development Company
As a top CRM development company, we have a team of expert software professionals who are extremely well-versed with technologies such as ASP.Net, C#, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, and Java. We also specialize in customization and implementation of open source CRM development such as Sugar CRM to give you effective, yet affordable alternatives. Our experts can translate the applications to any language, fix bugs, and provide seamless integration with your existing systems. We allow you to create ERP such that you gain maximum out of your marketing and other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities.

If you are looking for a secure and shared Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, then your search ends with us. We cater to industries such as insurance, banking and finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, pharmaceutical, entertainment and media, automotive and many more. Allow us to add value to your organization and give your customers an unmatched experience in doing business with you.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
At Core Objects, we understand that an enterprise resource planning solution is easier said than accomplished. Allow us to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions for you. We know that your organization has resources that are impossible to manage manually. More importantly, the resources are limited and come at a cost. We understand this and allow you to make the best of your available resources. Our enterprise resource planning solutions cover a whole range of resources so that you can stay on top of things and control your resources to yield unmatched productivity. With us, you will not only reduce wasteful expenses, but also will increase your productivity by being able to adopt the best practices in your industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning Doesn’t Get Better than Core Objects
  ~ Track inventory/stock precisely
  ~ Create business forecasts
  ~ Centralize framework for all business processes
  ~ Manage leads and reduce lead time
  ~ Eliminate paperwork
  ~ Improve communication and make it faster
  ~ Generate accounts receivables and accounts payables
  ~ Automate payments and orders

ERP Software Solutions Experts at Core Objects are Waiting for You

Our experts at Core Objects provide complete customization to accommodate all your enterprise resource planning solution needs. The benefits you stand to derive from our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions are manifold. Some of these are minimum resource employment, paper and postage cost reduction, reduced stock obsolescence, inventory optimization, faster product/service delivery, improved client response, and better control over resources to prevent misuse. Our enterprise resource planning solution also saves time by avoiding duplication of work as your entire workforce accesses uniform data. Being the best among enterprise resource planning companies, we also make way for you to comply with internationally set best practices, making you a true global player. With so much on offer, you would be wise to join hands with us in creating an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that takes your business to new horizons.

Desktop Application Development
The desktop application development offered by Core Objects allow you to automate complex processes within your organization to better your productivity and save time. Our desktop application design is always such that it demands almost zero maintenance. As a businessman, for you, this means it is a onetime investment. Our extensive experience in the domain allows us to simplify the most complex processes for you, wherein you end up with extremely user friendly application architecture and screen designs. Our desktop application programming solutions can be effortlessly accessed by anyone with just a little to no orientation at all. We understand that businessmen like you need guidance for a desktop application that increases your organizational efficiency. Our experience in catering to industries that spans various sectors translates into an application that works great for your organization.

Desktop Application Design Brings Efficiency

    > Data availability at the click of a button
     > Customizable invoices, estimates and bills
    > Easy and organized documentation of customer details
    > Employee work tracking
    > Sales tracking
    > Inventory management

Desktop Application Development Company that Caters to All Your Needs
As a desktop application development company, we understand that each business has its own need and this is the precise reason why we build customized desktop solutions to suit you best. Our experienced professionals develop desktop applications only after taking your inputs at every step. The result – you end up with a desktop application design just as you envisioned it. Our desktop solutions allow you uninhibited communication within your organization even without the use of the web. At Core objects, we make running your business easy through our tailor-made ERP solutions. Over the years, hundreds of businesses have relied on us for efficient solutions and you are sure to count yourself among them. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will do the rest for you.